This is what I’m doing with that free book we got at Tumblr Reads last week. Wine journal! I’ve become more interested in documenting the wine that we enjoy and here’s how I’m going to do it!

How did I get the label so neatly off the bottle, you ask? Simple! I have the luxury of having a dishwasher in my apartment, so when that baby starts its ‘dry cycle,’ I simply wait a few minutes and pop the bottle in with the dishes. After about 10 minutes, I take the bottle out and start peeling the label on each corner as much as I can. Then I put the bottle back into the dishwasher until the cycle is complete, and voila! I can easily peel off the label. It sticks perfectly to the paper without the need to add any glue.

This is what Tumblr would have been like back in 1982 or something.

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